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Exercise is a vital component to the wellbeing of both children and adults. Tremont School's martial arts program provides the fitness component, but there are other extremely important areas of health that should not be ignored, such as proper eating and nutrition, and weight management.

Many of our diets also consist of processed foods high in sugar and fat content. Adding this health hazard to continued exposure to pollution and industrial toxins, it is not surprising that we suffer from elevated risks of various forms of strokes, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and stress.

Our great-grandparents benefited from the rich vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegitables they used to eat. Unfortunately today, soils are often depleted of important nutrients. Although food is still produced, the soil is often not as vitamin and mineral rich as it was in the past.


Nutrient deficiencies are widespread in the United States. Most people eat a less than adequate diet and even those who do eat well are often not receiving sufficient nutrients from food due to depleted soil mineral levels, long storage time of fruit and vegetables, poor digestion etc. It is for these reasons that many nutritionists suggest everybody should be taking a good quality multivitamin supplement.

We recommend high quality multi-vitamins and other nutritional supplements that are available in Isotonic liquid form, which are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream so little nutritive value is lost compared to regular vitamin pills that have to first be digested. Most store-bought vitamins have an average of 30-60% absorption, while the Isotonix® nutritional supplements we recommend have an average of 95% absorption!


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